TuneBuddy Selects choicest of the tracks to suit your business. Encompassing all popular genres, containing every chart hit EVER, from the obscure to the unforgettable.

The playlist is automatically updated to offer the freshest sounds as well as golden oldies, with 10,000 new songs added on average every month. As tracks are encoded at 320kbps quality, TuneBuddy provides richer audio quality compared to any music streaming site or mp3′s. Once the slave is installed on your system the music does not stop whether your system is online or not.

What exactly is Tunebuddy:

  1. We develop and play 100% unique music mix fully customised for your venue’s mood and ambience.
  2. It’s a personalized service – like having your own music director – custom-crafted to reflect your brand’s image.
  3. The playlist can be customised as per the need of the hour. For example, relaxing music in the morning and club/house during the evening.
  4. Music is updated on a regular basis and pushed to your server (local player at your venue. The player can be installed on any computer connected to your music system).
  5. We can record and play custom ads to market your content and offers.
  6. Cheaper than streaming music. We send regular updates to the local content on your computer which in-turn plays the music locally thus avoiding bandwidth usage. This also helps in-case the internet does not work at the venue.
  7. Better sound quality at 320kbps.

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