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Digital Events are here to stay

Events are going the digital way and it’s the next big thing in today’s changing business landscape. Let’s face the fact! We all need to make some money to live and still keep ourselves safe. Fortunately in today’s social distancing times the internet is capable of doing much more than keeping us from boredom. Businesses are not only using video conferencing for conducting daily business but there has been a surge in digital product launches in the last 3 months. Covid-19 has shaken up a lot of things around us and businesses are making the best use of the emerging digital India. 

With 4G and high speed broadband connections now reaching the far corners and extreme interiors of our vast country, reaching the potential buyer/consumer has become easier. Whether you are a musician, dietitian or a big automotive brand such as Harley-Davidson, taking your event digital can keep you safe while saving you some moolah as well. 

Harley-Davidson recently hosted a virtual HOG rally and launched their new Low Rider S in India. With motor shows being cancelled all over the globe, Honda motors hosted a virtual motorcycle show recently as well. 

A digital event can range from you organising a live session with your friends and followers to answer questions on popular social platforms such as facebook or Instagram to hosting a medical conference or even a virtual music concert. Unlike a physical event, there are no physical area limitations for a digital event; you can stream globally while collecting valuable data that will enable you and your business to understand your consumer better. 

While we at Deep Yellow can help you go live for your product launches or hosting your digital event, here are a few pointers to help you start thinking in the right direction. 

Recognise your brand image and language:

Your brand persona needs to remain and feel the same even when the medium and method of communication has changed. Take a note of the vital aspects that will make your attendees feel the same as attending a physical event. The small little details make all the difference along with a great post-event conversation and follow-up. 

Don’t be a bore!

Just because hosting an event is possible digitally doesn’t mean you need to communicate everything under the sun. Time your events well with content / products that matter. Also, timing is the key just like a physical event. You need to respect your patrons schedule and time your digital event well. Hosting digitally gives your event endless possibilities. A great example of thinking beyond is of Tomorrowland (one of the biggest and most prominent music festivals on the planet) Around the world. The event organizers didn’t only take one of the greatest and the biggest music shows online but gave it an edge by making it 3D.

Make is cross platform  

Get more crowd and higher engagement by spreading your event across platforms. Just as a physical event makes it easier for people to enter and exit through multiple gates and view different artists at the same time performing on different platforms, a digital event becomes more engaging when you broadcast live on Youtube and Facebook while trending on Twitter and Instagram. Each platform has its nuances and you need to be ready to publish and hold all fronts thus engaging even those who are busy or those who are only on that one social platform. 

You will be surprised at the endless possibilities of attending or hosting a digital event. 

Here are two upcoming digital events that we are excited about.

  1. July 17-19: Live webcasts by Dalai Lama. Get more info @ https://www.dalailama.com/live
  2. July 25-26:Tomorrowland goes digital with Katy Perry headlining.The EDM event will feature more than 60 artists, including Steve Aoki, David Guetta, and many others.get more info @ Tomorrowland.com.

image: Freepik.com