Eat-Hy Mobile Application

Eat Hy’s concept is inspired by the ‘swach bharat Abhiyaan ‘ wherein the aim is to ensure that the food available on the street is healthy and hygienic for consumption. Deep Yellow was given the project right at the inception of the idea which led us to design the brand ID, the user interface and develop the application.

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The ‘Swach Bharat Swast Bharat’ symbolises Eat-Hy’s vision of making street food a healthy and reliable option for food lovers. We firmly believe health and hygiene go hand in hand.

Eat Hy emphasises on healthy eating without compromising the tickling of your taste buds with your favourite pav bhaji ,dosa,or gol gappas and chat. With the guidelines that are provided to every Eat Hy vendor- they guarantee customer satisfaction in terms of taste and health.

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