DCK – Dana Choga’s Kitchen

Dana Choga’s Kitchen is a quick-service restaurant chain that specializes in North Indian cuisine. Having spun itself off the well known Dana Choga fine dining restaurant, DCK was in need of a unique image to differentiate itself from the parent brand.

Enter Deep Yellow. We set about building a fresh brand in a way that left no stone unturned. Starting with a new logo, we moved on to designing the interior graphics, overhead menus, hand held menu cards, signages. Next came packaging designs- thali sleeves, combo boxes, curry boxes and roll boxes- all now spoke the DCK brand message.

Knowing that a brand in only as strong as its employees, especially in a restaurant, we outfitted the good people at DCK in brand new uniforms and aprons.

Having the restaurant side taken care of, we moved to the corporate side- redesigning the website and creating a corporate brochure for the suits.

To kick things off, the launch was announced through a print ad in a popular city newspaper. Knowing how difficult it would be for DCK to keep track of all the stuff we did, we created a brand-book detailing how to use the logo, the tagline, and extensive guidelines on the color schemes and dimensions they should follow.

Presently, we are managing DCK’s presence on social media, as well as all their ongoing and upcoming promotions.

DCK Print Ad for Delhi Times & HT Citydck

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